Shapes and Patterns Kerb Patterns Colour Chart

Kwik Edging Continuous Kerb - We make Your Dreams a Reality. 

A Selection of Our Available Colours for your Garden Bed Edging. 

Since every individuals garden is unique, you should have the right to choose the continuous concrete edging colour that blends into your garden settings best. Imagine, if all you could choose was white, that would be rather boring don't you think!

Below is a concrete colour hardener chart, then simply take a look at our photo section to see what can be done with Colour, using our Kwik Edging continuous kerb system.

If you don't see the concrete colour you would like for your own garden, please contact me, and I'll see what we can come up with to suite your own personal needs.

Note: There are multiple colour combinations that can be created from these basic colours below.

Kwik Edging Concrete Kerb Colour Chart